“Black, brown, red and orange”

by SCC

I see you,

unveiling your colors.

You explicitly tell me what you are made of.

But, I sit and wonder,

Can others see what I am seeing?


Black, brown, red and orange.


Can they see you?

Can they see what lies within your palette of colors?

The beauty inside each mineral´s soul grants you many tones.

What if I tell them that the darker your black tone, the richer and fertile you are.

Red and orange tell us the presence of iron, manganese, alongside other minerals.

Can they see a great dance of anions and cations takes place?

They dance and take turns to jump around your clays.


Black, brown, red and orange.

Water up, water down, shaping and flushing your colors.

Piling up or running down.

Can they see the beauty inside you?


Infinite nonsense to call you dirt when you hold a minute universe still not well understood.


Black, brown, red and orange.

For me, you are nature’s soul,

for ancient cultures you are our Pachamama,

for others, you are our soil.


Black, brown, red and orange.

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