Welcome to my research site!
Currently I am a postdoc working with Phil Robertson at the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station and as an associate researcher of the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, at Michigan State University.
I am an agronomist with experience in the fields of soil science and crop production, garnished with isotopes (D15N and D13C). My main research interest is to investigate soil-plant-atmosphere interactions in order to seek novel and sustainable ways to promote resource-efficient in agricultural production while working toward a future of carbon farming.
My work tries to promote how Soil Organic Matter is an important ecosystem resource that may, together with other ecosystem attributes like biodiversity and ecological and evolutionary adaptation can make an agroecosystem resilient to climate change. Thus, the accrual of Soil Organic Carbon is important for mitigating climate change, not just only for buffering against its effects.

I am also keenly interested in culture, inclusion, and diversity in the academic work environment. I do believe that soil science is another type of art that speaks through the plants.
Like you, I am deeply concern about climate change, environmental and social justice. 
Beyond being a scientist, I am also the kind of person that cannot live without wild things neither wilderness. So whenever I can, I go to the forest and write poems about all the beauty, freedom, and peace that nowhere else can be found. I hope to publish them here from time to time (stay tuned!).
Thank you for reading my profile.
Now, let's work together toward a more sustainable future!