Welcome to my research site!
I am Caro Córdova, a bilingual agroecologist who specializes in soil health and ecosystem processes, with experience working in Latin America and the United States. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor and Soil Health Specialists at the Department of Agron. & Hort, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and an active member of the Long-term Agroecosystems Research Network (ARS-USDA).
My research aims to conceptually and experimentally unite soil health and the sustainable intensification of agriculture while studying mechanisms to increase carbon sequestration and reduce farmer reliance on synthetic fertilizers. I strive to integrate agroecological principles, biogeochemistry, and modeling in my research and teaching to understand soil-plant-atmosphere interactions in important agricultural settings across temporal and spatial scales. Settings ranging from low-input and high diversity (e.g., forest, perennial grasses) to contrasting field cropping systems (e.g., cash crops).
I am also keenly interested in culture, inclusion, and diversity in the academic work environment. I do believe that soil science is another type of art that speaks through the plants.
Like you, I am deeply concern about climate change, environmental and social justice. 
Beyond being a scientist, I am also the kind of person that cannot live without wild things neither wilderness. So whenever I can, I go to the forest or sea shore and write poems about all the beauty, freedom, and peace that nowhere else can be found. I hope to publish them here from time to time (stay tuned!).
Thank you for reading my profile.
Now, let's work together toward a more sustainable future and healthy soil!