Teaching Experience

“Our care of the child (or student) should be governed, not by the desire to make him (her, or they) learn things,

but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him (her or they) that LIGHT which is called INTELLIGENCE.” 
Adapted from one of my favorite philosophers and educator

Maria Montessori (1870-1952).




Co-Instructor, CSS 442, "Agricultural Ecology", co-instructors: Phil Robertson, Bruno Basso, Department of Plant and Soil Science, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI. 


Guest Lecturer, W.K. Kellogg Biological Station K-12 Partnership Workshops:

1) “Air carbon transforms into matter and energy”;

2) “Fun online sources to talk about the Carbon cycle and biofuel production, plus how to use Excel to analyze data in the classroom”;

3) “One of the wonders of the microbe world: Nitrogen fixation”. Michigan

State University, Hickory Corners, MI. Apr. 16 and Jun. 25.



Graduate Teaching Assistant, Agronomy class 526, “Field plot technique” under the supervision of Dr. Ken Moore, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University, Ames, IA.


Guest Lecturer, “Ecuadorian culture” and “Soil Types in Ecuador”, Horticulture Class 495 Ecology, culture and Horticulture of the Ecuadorian Andes, taught by Dr. Denny Schrock, Iowa State University, Ames, IA. Sept. 11 and Oct. 2.



Zahraa Al-Tameemi, Research Assistant

Assist with field and laboratory work during Jul-Dec.

Colin McHugh, Research Assistant

Assist with field and laboratory work during Aug 2019-Dec 2020.  



Mentor to Nyduta Mbogo (Valparaiso University) and Colin McHugh (Kalamazoo Community Colleague). Guided them on their independent research project related to switchgrass, a model bioenergy crop grown at the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center in the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station, as part of the program funded by the National Science Foundation for Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (NFS-REU). May to Jul.



Mentor to Jonathon Boss (Iowa State University) for his undergraduate research project. Jonathon investigated the impact on soybean yield by the addition of nitrogen fertilizer as well in crop growth.

Mentor to Xingche Guo (Iowa State University), help him to integrate culturally and socially to the University. He was a first-year doctoral student in the Department of Statistics. Both were part of the Mentor-mentee program organized by the International Student Graduate Learning Community.


Mentor to Cooper Smith (Iowa State University) for his undergraduate research project. Cooper investigated the soil nitrogen dynamics in crop fields right after harvest and measured inorganic nitrogen throughout the winter.

K-12 Teachers participants of April's Workshop 2019
K-12 Teachers participants of June's Workshop 2019
Zahraa Altameemi, KBS-GLBRC 2020.
Nyduta Mbogo (R) and Colin McHugh (L) - NSF-REUs at KBS 2019.
Jonathon Boss - Iowa State University
Cooper Smith - Iowa State University